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What is the right thickness for my box?

Packaging completes the branding, marketing, protection and logistics for any type of product-based business.

We know the value of our product, but beautiful packaging has the magic to transform a buying decision for a customer.

At RBS we have the expertise and a clear vision to make boxes with a order conversion point of view. We help businesses to make money with our boxes.

Many of our customers struggle to find the exact thickness for their box. Because when it comes to business many of us have a serious concern about product safety. Thickness of a box greatly alters the logistics cost. Choose a board that is too thin, and you can quickly go wrong by damages in delivery. Choosing a board that’s too thick and you add unnecessarily high courier charges.

Damaged packaging ruins the reputation or many companies and it has a direct impact on our brand value. How many times we seen people moaning in bad reviews with packaging problems…

Kappa Boards

At RBS, we have technically solved the issue by simply suggesting our customers to choose rigid cardboard boxes. Rigid boxes are the most preferable (recycled paper board) and safe to the product while it has been shipped.

As per testing records,

A 1mm thickness board can hold half kg/1.1 lbs weight, this thickness box can bear si=192.63 N/m2 pressure.

A 2MM thickness board can hold 2 kg/4.4 lbs weight, this thickness box can bear si=770.55 N/m2 pressure.

A 3mm thickness board can hold 5 kg/11.0 lbs weight, this thickness box can bear si=875.63 N/m2 pressure.

We hope you now have a clear idea on choosing the right thickness for your product. Then why wait? The quest is over- Submit your box details on our contact page!


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