About Us

Welcome to Sivakasi's oldest & best Rigid Box company

RBS was founded as a small printing press in the early 1980s in the rural suburb of India to cater to the growing packaging demands of a few fireworks companies. Today we have grown to become one of the leading suppliers of Rigid Boxes to many companies across the country. We believe great things start with humble beginnings. Our Rigid Box manufacturing facility is one of those great dream projects. Visit our press today to learn more. We have 3 sites, 2 manufacturing facilities and have branches in 6 cities across the country.


We invite you to visit us...

Visit our Rigid Box Manufacturing facility with prebooked appointments. Customers come to us from all over the country and we encourage personal visits. We speak Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and of course, English.

All your packaging needs in one place:
  • Vast assortment of Rigid Boxes and Packaging 

  • Large collection of different Types of Rigid Boxes

  • Seasonal & Exotic options of sustainable materials

  • Full service designing and sample making

  • Free educational content available

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Design Support

We strongly believe that, whatever the product you are creating, you need the very best design assistance. In addition to our in-house design team we work closely with a whole range of designers, each of them specialists in their field. For you, this means all the benefits of a world class design service, with your deadline dates as our top priority.