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Upgrading your packaging with Rigid Boxes

Great branding starts with great packaging. Today, any product’s sales is closely linked with how much effort, time and money has been invested in the packaging. If your brand is already successful, but has not had an upgrade for a while, it would be wise to consider Rigid Box packaging as a trendy solution.

Unboxing experiences of many new products today command the attention of new customers on YouTube channels and in every social media newsfeed. It would be difficult to create an impressive unboxing video for your product, even if it’s the world’s best, but has flimsy packaging. This is where our rigid boxes make great alternative solutions for brands.

Rigid Boxes increase the perceived value of any product, simply by the quality of construction of the boxes themselves. Customers are often willing to pay more when they see a product being presented beautifully in great design and finish. This slight upgrade to your boxes, pays great dividends in the end.

With years of experience in rigid box manufacturing, Rigid Box Sivakasi® now offers world class box manufacturing in the heart of India’s printing city. Backed by a powerful 65 year old brand leader, RBS shares resources, expertise and product portfolios with Bell Printers, awarded India’s best packaging printer. However, our brands remain uniquely apart with RBS focused on economical packaging solutions and Bell remains a luxury rigid box exporter.


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