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How Sivakasi’s Best Rigid box manufacturer makes high quality boxes at RBS

Rigid Box Sivakasi evolved out of a simple idea to make high quality rigid box packaging at affordable prices. Our parent company has mastered the trade in creating world class packaging, exporting over 100 containers of high quality rigid boxes to 29 countries. In the process, a new culture has been formed from the old, creating the best of both worlds.

Within a very short time in our second unit, our company attracted an instant workforce of nearly 50 exceptionally talented people- simply because we are an employer of choice in Sivakasi. RBS being a part of the Bell Group of companies, and joins a proud list of 18 factories spread through Southern Tamil Nadu. Resources are shared between the factories within the group, creating a phenomenal value for money for our new customers.

As our purchases of raw materials like paper board are in hundreds of tonnes, we are able to offer a hundred boxes or less at prices that other presses or startups can never match. Coupled with the collective experience of 190 fantastic box makers, we make products that are exceptional and stand the true test of time. RBS with its rapid expansion by the creation of demand is now on an ever-expanding spree. Contact us today to learn more.


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