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A brief history of Rigid Box manufacturing in Sivakasi

"Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter." Author Unknown

As with many industries and their histories, the true story of the making of the Rigid Box in Sivakasi will be shrouded in mystery. What is certain however, is that many of the famous Exporting companies like LovelIy and Shrinivasa Fine Arts have made them as part of their massive bookbinding and diary making lines since many years. Rigid Box manufacturing however has evolved from a Cottage Industry with hardly any rules or process controls to a fairly large volume of production today from Sivakasi.

In recent years, since 2018, fast growing Luxury Packaging companies like Bell Printers have focused purely on Rigid Box manufacturing. This unwavering focus has earnt glory for Sivakasi by being awarded Luxury Packaging Company of the Year by PrintWeek.

Many companies have mushroomed in this trendsetting path over the years, and yet the competition is subtle. This is because mastery in manufacturing of the humble Rigid Box is a divine combination. Make sure you get the best quality samples from local suppliers if you decide to go with Sivakasi suppliers for your rigid box packaging.


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