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Why choose RBS Sivakasi ?

High Quality skilled box makers

While many printers can make monocartons, few can make excellent rigid boxes.

Packaging will make or break your company. At RBS, we pride ourselves on making exceptional Rigid Boxes from Sivakasi, India's heart of box manufacturing. From the initial concept to the final product, our attention to detail is second to none. In an ever-evolving industry, RBS Rigid Boxes Sivakasi has set the bar for innovation and delivery. Explore our site and see for yourself - we love our work and we’re sure you will, too. Join us with our highly skilled teams of Rigid Box manufacturers with machinery from many countries to see how we excel in what we do.

How do you trust a box maker?

Reception-rigid box-manufacture-sivakasi

If you are located across the country or even overseas from India?

Getting cheated or scammed in the box making industry is easy. Thats why we suggest you get samples made from us for a very low fee. We invite all our customers to come and visit us directly at our facilities or branches across the country. We hold separate brands and facilities for different categories of Rigid Boxes. One for Luxury Packaging focused on exports, and another focussed on cheap box manufacturing to cater to the large Indian market for Rigid Boxes from Sivakasi. You can experience both types of manufacturing if you wish to come and see for yourself directly.

Making High Quality Rigid Boxes

How do we make cheap yet high quality boxes?

RBS being located in India's printing metropolis Sivakasi, places at us at a clear competitive advantage than any other city in India or overseas. With over 400 printers in the same town, the cost of raw materials are incredibly cheap. However, the skill of our team has been honed to perfection through years of box making experience. So with the combination of very affordable paper, board and allied printing materials and also the craftsmanship of our team of boxmakers, we are able to offer fantastic packaging at very reasonable prices. Do compare our prices with our competitors to understand the difference it will make for your business.

Why you should trust us?

Using curated premium materials for the manufacturing of your dream packaging

We have proven expertise in making the high quality boxes

Adopting the latest technologies to make sure the boxes meets world class standards

Have look at our live demonstration, which is much needed in the purchase decision

Honey Box copy.jpg

One-stop solution for all box packaging needs

Every company want their products to be stored inside exclusive boxes. Businesses desire their products to be kept in packaging which will look appealing and lure the customers on the first glance.  RBS Packaging is a one-stop printing solution and offers boxes of all types. We offer boxes of various kinds manufactured from cardboard and Kraft material, which are durable and ideal for making any box. We cater the needs of every business by providing box customized which will add splendid looks to your product.

Our Commitment

clients are always at the Centre of what we do, committing ourselves to Excellence in Innovation, Quality of Product, and Processes

End-to-end packaging solutions.

We offer an integrated design, project management and global supply solution to provide custom end-to-end packaging solutions.

Ideation & Creative

Our creative talent provides clients with an award-winning product design service. Our market insight and decades of production knowledge inform the creative process, ensuring that products achieve best-in-category presence, within highly competitive budgets. This gives clients the assurance we can deliver a dependable brand experience, be it through 3D or sensory branding.

Supply Chain Control

With decades of experience and high level relationships, we delve deep to reduce costs and guard against quality vulnerabilities. RBS offers fully trackable, global door-to-door logistics as well as storage and fulfillment solutions for clients. Our quality and logistics excellence ensures clients receive the right product in the right location at the right time. Every time.

Global Trends

We use decades of production experience in our pursuit of the best materials, producers and technical innovations to uphold the client experience.Working with leading brands, we execute the latest global trends in packaging design, materials and processes.

Engineering & Production

Value Engineering, during the product development phase, is key to ensure products deliver on both a creative and a practical level. Engineering reviews are conducted by our experienced team to optimize functionality and production efficiency. Our global sourcing capability delivers the right materials, techniques, production capability and manufacturing every time.

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