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Flap Open Rigid Boxes Manufacturer

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Rigid Box with Foam for Durability and Security from Sivakasi

Flap Open Rigid Boxes 

Flap Open rigid boxes Manufacturer India are the simplest form of cardboard or kappa board packaging boxes. At RBS, we are masters in making kappa board Flap open rigid boxes. These Flap open rigid boxes have multiple names, that are defined by the packaging professionals. We also call it as Clamshell rigid boxes or flap open magnetic rigid boxes.

High Quality Flap Open Rigid Boxes

Rigid Box Sivakasi RBS is helping brands to get their beautiful Flap open rigid boxes manufacturer at very high quality with affordable prices. Most of the buyers would love buy flap open style box with a magnet. which means a wow creating factors is common in all product promotions right. So we suggest our customers to choose our Flap open rigid boxes for their product packaging. Quality is the most wanted requirement to packaging company, so we RBS is committed to give our best quality in all our packaging.

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Why to choose Flap Open Rigid Boxes

Flap open rigid boxes are a good start for a established brand. because these boxes will present different look than other common style boxes. These flap open rigid boxes are commonly used in liquor packaging, Electronic packaging, playing cards packaging, tea packaging and etc..



Packaging Partner


Amazing Finishing Options


Foil Stamping

This is a specialty printing process that uses heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film.



It is a small piece of metal that creates a raised design or seal on a piece of paper



Debossing is when an image is imprinted into your piece, creating a depressed effect.


Spot UV

Application of UV coating to a specific areas of a printed piece rather than coating entire surface.


Glossy Finishing

 It produces a shiny glass like appearance that enhance the color and vibrancy on the box.


Matte Finishing

It produces an elegant, sophisticated finish. It also provides more natural look.



Most commonly used decorative materials for specialty boxes and gift boxes.


Handle Options

Handles provides elegant and premium look to your boxes, we have pretty handle options.

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Protection Options

Various types of foams and thermacols are used as a protection options

Related Packaging Styles

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Top and Bottom Rigid Boxes

Top & Bottom Rigid Boxes Manufacturer India

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Flat Fold Rigid Boxes

Flat Fold Rigid Boxes Manufacturer India

flat fold rigid boxes .png
PNG image 18.png

Raphe Rigid Boxes

Raphe Style Rigid Boxes India


Most customer take buying decision within an hour in this site. 

We hope you have made the purchase decision wisely now!

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