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Raphe Style Rigid Boxes Manufacturer

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Raphe Style Rigid Boxes 

Raphe style rigid boxes Manufacturer India are the simplest form of cardboard or kappa board packaging boxes. At RBS, we are masters in making kappa board Raphe style rigid boxes. These Raphe style rigid boxes have multiple names, that are defined by the packaging professionals. We also call it as Shoulder Rigid Boxes or Shoulder Neck Rigid boxes.

High Quality Raphe Style Rigid Boxes

Rigid Box Sivakasi RBS is helping brands to get their beautiful Raphe style rigid boxes manufacturer at very high quality with affordable prices. Most of the buyers would love buy raphe style box with a Ribbon. which means a wow creating factors is common in all product promotions right. So we suggest our customers to choose our Raphe style rigid boxes for their product packaging. Quality is the most wanted requirement to packaging company, so we RBS is committed to give our best quality in all our packaging.

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Why to choose Raphe Style Rigid Boxes

Raphe style rigid boxes are a good start for a established brand. because these boxes will present different look than other common style boxes. These raphe style rigid boxes are commonly used in liquor packaging, Electronic packaging, playing cards packaging, tea packaging and etc..



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