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Made with Superior Materials

As a responsible packaging manufacturer, we take much care in material sourcing to make sure our end products have superior quality. Quality is a complex word, signifying not just the stringency of processes a manufacturing company follows, it begins from the root of sourcing good materials. So we dedicate ourself to source the finest raw materials around the world.

Pure Pulp Boards

We choose pure virgin pulp made boards to make your boxes. Many customers fall in this trap because most box makers will not choose virgin pulp boards and instead they use cheap third grade recycled boards, typically used in the daily sheet calendars. So be aware of your expected product quality even before starting your packaging journey!


Manufacturing Unit

We are a forward thinking company, driving our actions towards an eco friendly economy. For  social causes and the responsibility of corporate companies to do some goodness to nature, we have planted over 100+ various samplings and maintained it consistently for years.

Wood Pulp


We choose pure wood pulp papers for your boxes, and at the same time we have much concern on cutting trees. As a packaging company of the future we have decided to use FSC certified papers and boards. We actively avoid paper suppliers and mills who source or manufacture irresponsibly managed raw materials.


Responsible Supplier

As a packaging company most of our raw materials are easily decomposable by the nature. That’s essential as a sustainable supplier, who doesn't have an impact to nature. We have options for fully sustainable, eco friendly boxes for our customers.

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