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World Class Technology

Rigid Box Sivakasi operates with industry standard machineries and processes. We believe a manufacturing company must run along with the best technologies available. This drives a great impact on manufacturing efficiency. A supplier with the latest technological advantage will be your first check point for choosing a good rigid box manufacturer. 



We have automated many of our manual box making processes, which is much needed for a growing company. Having spent a lot of time and effort to simplify our operations, our people have honed their skills to deliver our packaging boxes to world class standards. Creating a great packaging box is an art and a science- a hybrid trait much needed in a mechanical world that just blindly duplicates commodities.


Frustration Free Operations

A lot of buyers reach out to us with bad experiences of packaging process frustrations. At RBS, we have actively simplified our operations with the latest AI ready technology. It is easy for us to understand your pain points and process your request in a proactive basis.

Technology Investments

We aim to create beautiful customer experiences for every visitor. From the initial stage of their enquiry, we spend time and resources to improve our infrastructure and productivity with the latest machines, AI ready software and speech processing.

Reliable Packaging Partner

Believing a packaging company from what is advertised online is a nightmare now a days. But we take much care to practice high moral values and ethics to provide reliable packaging boxes. You must see it to believe it. Why not start your packaging journey with us right now?

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