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Strategic Opportunity 

The biggest strategic advantage you have with us, is our years of professional box making experience. Over the years, we have always wanted to provide our customers with high-quality boxes developing our own quality procedures that are unique to the industry. Setting high quality standards will undoubtedly have a significant impact on how a product is packaged. In order to demonstrate each packaging project's quality, we frequently do extensive recorded testing often ignored by other box makers as an unnecessary activity.


Tests & Trails

We have actively established great working relationships with the top printing colleges and institutions. We have signed agreements to be permitted to test the majority of our packaging tests in their laboratories. The ripping strength of all of our sheets and boards has been extensively tested. We proceed with procurement only if the tearing resistance is not lower than TAPPI T450. Our quality and purchase teams are directed by a professional testing and trials team to select the best supplier for your packaging.


Proven Results

We constantly check the quality of our boxes and manufacturing process because it is important to all buyers everywhere. Consequently, we have a professional quality team that regularly examines all of our boxes using robust tests. From this, we can guarantee that the boxes are suitable and that they can be made available for customer use.

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