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Our Expertise

Early in the 1980s, RBS was established as a modest printing press in a remote Indian suburb to meet the expanding packaging requirements of a few fireworks manufacturers. Today, we have developed into one of the nation's top suppliers of rigid boxes to several businesses. We think that humble beginnings are where great things begin. One of those fantastic fantasy projects is the production facility for our Rigid Boxes. Visit our press page now to find out more. We operate out of multiple locations, with 2 factories, and 6 branch offices across the nation.

Exceptional Service

Without a doubt, we must inform you of the superior service we provide to each and every customer. Indian and other nations' packaging industries lack organization in their operational methods. But RBS assumes responsibility for organizing the information in the industry by establishing high standards for service. Regardless of the size of their order, we treat every customer with respect.

Exceptional Quality

For a brand like RBS, quality is a legacy, not an added service that any company provides. Our high-quality items are helping us establish our legacy. It is very simple for us to demonstrate our great quality in every process and product we perform because many large companies are approaching us with the high worldwide quality requirements. The free welcome kits we provide to consumers looking for samples from us allow you to evaluate our quality.

Exceptional Process

Because we owe it to our customers to give wonderfully processed packaging, we pledged to process your dream project using imported machinery and highly qualified workers. One of our company's major accomplishments was a box that involved 110 different procedures.

Standard Shipping

We adhere to a strict, standardized shipping procedure for all packaging requirements. To ensure that the goods are delivered in a highly safe manner, the proper carton thickness should be chosen, as well as proactive preventive actions. We also take care to pick the best delivery partners to bring your package to your door.

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