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How to create Innovative Rigid Box packaging

Rigid boxes are a kind of speciality packaging. It takes time and effort to develop packaging that compliments a high quality product. A good quality rigid box speaks for the product itself even before unboxing the package. When it comes to creating innovative rigid boxes, there are a series of steps you will need to follow to ensure you have your packaging desires fulfilled through a good printer. Innovation must be in the DNA of the packaging printer so that they can eagerly take up your project and carefully look at each of your requirements. Often, because of a lot of assumptions, and miscommunication- variations will happen that will force you to accept what was finished.

Don’t know where to start? Follow these 7 simple steps to great packaging:

  1. Choose your Box Style creatively

  2. Ensure the Quantity is really what you need

  3. Choose your materials based on your audience

  4. Choose your Box Making printer wisely

  5. Get prototype samples made

  6. Check if you can afford it

  7. Make sure your Box Makers can fulfil your vision


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