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How to choose a good Box Manufacturer from Sivakasi

When it comes to getting your boxes done finally after you have narrowed down on a great packaging design, you need to think strategically like a war architect. A lot of people just make hasty choices for packaging because it is often the last component of a business project to come to mind after finishing all the core processes like mass production of a great product. Basing your purchase decisions only on pricing or ready made sizes or the voices of enticing conmen is a trap that you must avoid.

Excellent vs average Printers

1. Ask to see the Factory and observe the Processes carefully

In an enterprising printed products manufacturing town like Sivakasi, there are hundreds of traders and salesmen pretending to be manufacturers. You need to avoid this trap like the plague.

2. Ensure your supplier doesn't outsource your boxes

Being aware that post-Corona lockdown has created hundreds of baseless 'entrepreneurs' with no real foundation in box manufacturing is important. You need to make sure that your supplier has the infrastructure to finish your project. Even if your supplier seems to know what he is doing, it is highly likely that you will get very bad packaging because he has to outsource your boxes to many places for getting them done.

3. Beware of Fake Reviews

False recommendations, clever digital marketing ploys, and lures to make you believe you are using a trusted partner- all are very common strategies to make a quick buck amongst printers in Sivakasi. Do not be cheated by false advertising and insist on proof and evidence for everything. Do not believe anything until you can see or touch what is being promised

4. Beware of False Commitments

When your project is urgent and you need to make a launch quickly, make sure that your supplier has the ability and infrastructure to finish your project. Every step along the way, if you can, ask for proof of completion of each milestone in the packaging process. For example if you have requested Gold Foil in your packaging, a printer may not be able to continue at all unless he has the right foil and foil block at hand to mass produce. Often people are cheated that the materials are being processed, but all the while, even procurement would not have commenced.


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