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What is the difference between Rigid Box and Monocarton?

Many people who are new to packaging often ask the first question of what are the types of boxes we have. Before understanding packaging in broad terms, it is essential to understand that Rigid Boxes are made from thick, recycled chip boards or Kappa boards which contribute to the name 'Rigid' box. The alternate version of Monocarton are like toothpaste boxes that you buy off supermarket shelves that allow for large volume sales of commodities. Rigid Boxes have a high perceived value because they last much much longer than monocartons. These precious keepsake boxes will often last for generations if they are well made, and so the life of a brand is greatly enhanced as you buy rigid boxes. The choice for Rigid or Monocarton often depends on how much you can afford. Rigid Boxes are usually almost 10 times more expensive than mass produced monocartons. But high quality rigid boxes compensate for their value by lasting longer and hence having a higher cradle to grave lifecycle.


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