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What are the different types of Macaron Boxes?

Exploring the Variety of Macaron Boxes:

Perfect Packaging for Every Occasion

Macaron boxes come in a range of styles and designs, each offering a unique presentation and functionality. Here are some different types of macaron boxes to consider:

1. Classic Windowed Boxes:

These macaron boxes feature a clear plastic or acetate window on the lid, allowing the colorful macarons to be visible from the outside. The window provides a sneak peek, enticing customers with the vibrant assortment of macarons inside. Classic windowed boxes are popular for showcasing the beauty of the macarons while providing protection and organization.

2. Drawer-style Boxes:

Drawer-style macaron boxes have a sliding drawer mechanism that allows easy access to the macarons. The box consists of a base and a separate drawer that pulls out, revealing the arranged macarons inside. This type of box adds an element of surprise and elegance, making it an ideal choice for gift-giving or special occasions.

3. Macaron Towers:

Macaron towers are multi-tiered displays that create a stunning visual impact. They consist of stacked levels, each holding a set of macarons. Macaron towers are a popular choice for weddings, parties, or dessert buffets, as they not only showcase the macarons but also serve as a centerpiece or decorative element.

4. Gift Boxes with Ribbon Closure:

These macaron boxes are designed like traditional gift boxes, with a foldable lid and a ribbon closure. The ribbon adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making the box suitable for upscale events, corporate gifts, or any occasion where a luxurious presentation is desired. Gift boxes with ribbon closure can be customized with various colors, patterns, or personalized branding.

5. Mini Macaron Boxes:

Mini macaron boxes are smaller in size and typically hold one or a few macarons. They are perfect for party favors, individual treats, or samplers. Mini boxes often feature decorative designs and can be personalized with custom labels or tags to create a personalized touch.

6. Customized Printed Boxes:

Customized printed macaron boxes allow for branding and personalization. These boxes can be designed to feature your logo, artwork, or desired graphics, creating a unique and memorable packaging solution. Custom printing offers endless possibilities to align the box design with your brand identity and enhance the overall brand experience.

7. Assorted Macaron Collections:

Assorted macaron boxes offer a selection of different flavors or colors in a single package. These boxes are designed to showcase the variety and versatility of macarons, allowing customers to sample different flavors or provide a diverse gift option. Assorted macaron collections are often presented in elegant boxes with compartments or inserts to keep the macarons organized and visually appealing.


The variety of macaron boxes ensures there is a suitable option for every occasion and preference. From classic windowed boxes that display the macarons' beauty to drawer-style boxes, macaron towers, and gift boxes with ribbon closures, each type offers its own unique style and functionality. Whether you're looking for a stylish presentation, a luxurious gift option, or a customizable branding solution, the different types of macaron boxes provide a range of choices to elevate the packaging and presentation of these delicate treats.

Custom Macaron Rigid Boxes
Custom Macaron Rigid Boxes


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