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Choosing the right packaging from Sivakasi Box manufacturers

"Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones." - Bruce Garrabrandt

Manufacturing in Sivakasi is a lot like manufacturing in China. When you want a great packaging for your product- one that balances the fine line between being cheap and being good... Sivakasi box manufacturing is often disappointing.

According to the SMPA (Sivakasi Master Printers Association) there are more than 400 Printers in the town who claim to also know their way around making any packaging. How do you judge who is speaking the truth, and who is trying to con you with just an impressive website and fancy language in chats?

The choice is definitely not easy. Even mature packaging printers who have decades of experience sometimes flounder because of the poor infrastructure of the town itself. The industrial zone is filled with dilapidated buildings of a bygone era, with broken walls and shattered windows. Today, the town has been mostly a self-organizing cluster, filled with one box-room trading ‘companies’ in prime locations often led by the ill educated and the unemployed claiming to be India’s best at what they do. Don’t fall prey to false hopes. You won’t just lose your money, you will also lose your peace of mind.

Rigid Box Packaging leaders of the industry like Bell Printers which has won the National Awards for Packaging and India’s Best Packaging Company award have special strategies to address this challenge. Quite like many garments large scale exporters from Tirupur, they have two manufacturing divisions- one that focuses on the global market with world class manufacturing processes and products. Another that mass produces cheap rigid boxes at unbeatable prices.

Don’t just talk to your proposed packaging manufacturers. Don’t fall for fast, false prices. Fast is almost never perfect. Quoting low is a sign of poor internal quality of manufacturing and miserable workmanship. Ask your box manufacturers to prove their worth in deeds, not in words.


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