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Sleep Mask Packaging Box

Our Sleep Mask Packaging Box is thoughtfully designed to ensure both protection and an enhanced unboxing experience. Made from premium, eco-friendly materials, the box offers a sturdy structure that keeps the sleep mask safe from dust, damage, and deformation during transit and storage. The interior features a soft, custom-molded insert that holds the mask securely in place, preventing movement and maintaining its shape. The exterior design is sleek and elegant, with a matte finish and refined branding elements that exude a sense of calm and luxury. Ideal for retail display or gifting, our Sleep Mask Packaging Box not only safeguards the product but also provides a visually appealing and memorable presentation.

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How is the box structure designed

The box structure for our Sleep Mask Packaging Box is designed with both durability and aesthetics in mind. It features a rigid, eco-friendly cardboard construction that ensures the box remains sturdy and protective. The box includes a secure, easy-to-open magnetic closure or a snug-fitting lid, depending on the design preference, to keep the contents safe and accessible. Inside, a custom-molded insert cradles the sleep mask, holding it securely in place to prevent movement and damage. The insert is made from soft, protective material to maintain the mask's shape and quality. Overall, the box structure is thoughtfully engineered to offer robust protection, ease of use, and an elegant presentation that enhances the unboxing experience.

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EVA Foam

This will give the best protection and premium look for your box’s inner view.

RD Foam

Feels soft as a cushion and gives a good look to your box interior.

PP Foam

Mostly used for the one time use boxes, works better on the safety side.

Kappa Board

A budget option that meets the product protection function alone. Can be printed to match brand colour theme. Very rigid.

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How do you achieve box perfection

Achieving box perfection involves a meticulous blend of design, functionality, and craftsmanship. We start by selecting high-quality, sustainable materials that ensure durability and environmental responsibility. Our design team then creates a layout that combines aesthetic appeal with practical features, such as custom inserts and secure closures, to protect the contents. Attention to detail is paramount, from precise cutting and assembly to flawless finishing touches like embossing or matte coatings. Throughout the process, rigorous quality control checks are conducted to guarantee each box meets our exacting standards. By focusing on every aspect of production, we ensure that each box is a perfect embodiment of quality and elegance.



Debossing is a printing technique that involves pressing an image, logo, or text into the surface of a material,

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Spot UV

Spot UV (Ultra Violet) is a finishing technique used to apply a high-gloss coating to specific areas of a printed piece

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Embossing is the opposite of debossing, where the design is raised above the surface of the material.

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Foil Stamping

Foil stamping (or foil blocking) is a process that applies a metallic or pigmented foil onto a solid surface using heat and pressure.

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