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What is the function of rigid boxes?

Rigid boxes, also known as "set-up boxes," are designed to provide a high-end, luxurious packaging option for products. These boxes are typically made of thick paperboard or cardboard, which gives them their rigid structure and durability. The function of rigid boxes is to protect and display high-end products such as electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, and other luxury items. They are often used for gift packaging and premium packaging of products that require a higher level of protection during shipping and handling. In addition to their protective function, rigid boxes are also designed to enhance the presentation and branding of a product. They can be customized with various printing techniques, embossing, debossing, foiling, and other decorative finishes to create a unique and high-end look. Overall, the function of rigid boxes is to provide a premium packaging solution that protects, presents, and enhances the perceived value of a product.

Rigid Box
Rigid Box


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