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What is a book style rigid box?

A book styled rigid box is a type of high-quality packaging box that is designed to resemble a book. It is typically made of rigid cardboard or paperboard material, which provides durability and strength to the packaging. The book styled rigid box is made up of two parts: a lid or cover and a base or tray. The lid is designed to look like the cover of a book, complete with a spine and cover artwork. The base or tray is the bottom part of the box and is usually hidden when the lid is closed. This type of box design is often used for high-end retail products, such as cosmetics, perfumes, or luxury goods. It is also a popular choice for gift items, as it provides a unique and sophisticated presentation that is reminiscent of a book. Book styled rigid boxes can be customized with a variety of printing and finishing options, such as foil stamping, embossing, debossing, spot UV, and matte or gloss lamination. These options can help to enhance the visual appeal and branding of the packaging, making it stand out on the shelf and reinforcing the brand image.

Book Style Rigid Box
Book Style Rigid Box


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