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Kunafa Packaging Box

A Kunafa packaging box is specifically designed to hold and present Kunafa, a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with thin noodle-like pastry, filled with cheese or cream, and soaked in sweet syrup. These boxes are crafted to accommodate the unique shape and size of Kunafa, ensuring its safe transport and presentation. Typically made from durable materials like cardboard or paperboard, Kunafa packaging boxes may feature designs, branding, or imagery that reflects the cultural significance and appeal of the dessert. These boxes play a crucial role in preserving the freshness and integrity of Kunafa while also enhancing its visual appeal for customers.

Kunafa Packaging Box Manufacturer

A Kunafa packaging box manufacturer specializes in crafting customized packaging solutions for Kunafa, a traditional Middle Eastern dessert. These manufacturers design and produce boxes tailored to specific dimensions, accommodating various sizes of Kunafa securely. Utilizing materials like cardboard or specialty paper, they ensure durability and protection for the dessert during transport and storage. Customization options often include unique designs, branding, and features that enhance the presentation of the product. Kunafa packaging box manufacturers play a crucial role in providing businesses with high-quality, personalized packaging that preserves the freshness and integrity of this delicious dessert, contributing to an enhanced consumer experience.

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Strong Boxes


Eco Friendly Solutions

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Protective Foams

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How we're different

Many of our clients have approached us with profound disappointment stemming from their previous supplier's mishandling of packaging projects. Whether it's subpar customer service, production delays, lack of updates, quality issues, insufficient quantities, or deceptive substitutions of lower-quality materials, we've heard it all. With our extensive experience as a packaging box company, we conduct predictive analyses to anticipate and address potential issues in our customers' packaging solutions.

Our team, particularly our 3D developers and mockup creators, is dedicated to shaping your packaging concept with a proactive approach. This ensures that you receive the finest mobile phone rigid boxes from us. Striving to manufacture pocket-friendly packaging without compromising quality, we pay meticulous attention to every detail you provide. Our goal is to precisely match your expectations for packaging accuracy, making your experience with us seamless and satisfying.


Product Protective Solutions

EVA Foam

This will give the best protection and premium look for your box’s inner view.

RD Foam

Feels soft as a cushion and gives a good look to your box interior.

PP Foam

Mostly used for the one time use boxes, works better on the safety side.

Kappa Board

A budget option that meets the product protection function alone. Can be printed to match brand colour theme. Very rigid.


Cost effective option and meets the safety function to protect the products. Not very strong.

Kraft Board

Saves cost and meets the safety function alone

Structural Designing

Organizing products within a packaging box is an art, and at RBS, we excel in this craft. A subtle structural adjustment in the box design can enhance the thrill of unboxing. Our sample developers are adept at proposing optimal product placements, not just from a design perspective but also to maximize cost efficiency. A thoughtfully planned box interior can significantly reduce your packaging expenses. This consideration is especially crucial for electronic products, so be sure to factor it into your mobile phone rigid boxes.


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