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What are the different types of boxes?

There are many different types of boxes available for various purposes, including: Folding carton boxes: made of paperboard and commonly used for retail packaging of items such as cereal boxes, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Rigid boxes: made of sturdy materials like cardboard, chipboard, or plastic, and often used for luxury products such as electronics, jewelry, or high-end food items. Corrugated boxes: made of several layers of paper, with a fluted layer in the middle and two flat outer layers, and used for shipping and transportation of heavy or bulky items. Set-up boxes: similar to rigid boxes but often used for gift packaging or high-end food products.

Tube packaging: cylindrical in shape and often used for packaging products like posters, maps, and certain types of food items.

Hinged lid boxes: have a hinged lid that can be opened and closed, commonly used for packaging electronics, luxury items, or as gift boxes.

Slide boxes: have a sliding tray that can be pulled out of a sleeve, often used for packaging items like candies or small electronics.

Gable boxes: have a unique shape resembling a house with a handle on the top, commonly used for packaging food items like take-out meals or bakery goods.

Different Types of Boxes
Different Types of Boxes


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